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Roses teach you How to have a romantic relationship? From sexual love to Cosmic love...

Comment vivre une relation amoureuse comme une Rose

Beyond the symbolism of the colors of the Roses, in love, the Roses go much deeper, because they heal us, show us the path to follow and the posture to have in our love relationships.

Before love, let's talk about the Truth

For some years, my allies have given me the name of "Truth-keeper", guardian of the Law of truth; and as such, I have to be authentic and clear, which goes against the current, it is contrary to what exists around us. That being said, I tend towards this goal and I do my best to speak true to what I feel at the moment, what I think and what I vibrate. But I also learned at the Temple of Truth that not all truth is good to share, it must be earned in some way, hence the initiatory journeys to which I was introduced and which I now teach. I also learned to be careful and to use strategy, but also detachment as Athena taught me and her companions, because the world is not in harmony, it will be one day, but for now we are not there yet.

Keeper of truth, but what about love?

But over time I realized that truth without love tends to be stiff, rigid, uncompassionate, poisonous and imprisoning, empty.

It was with the Roses that I learned what love is.

Love... It's not about having a romantic affair with someone or expressing your affection for your children. The Roses taught me about Love as being this emanation of the Supreme Light of our essence. Love is the description of "connection and transmission of light", so even if your lover is no longer there, the love continues to transmit, that is to say the light and the connection are and will always be there.

I love you…

Simple phrase, immense feeling. Connection and desire for fusion…

Heart-to-heart connection is our natural state, sometimes shared, celebrated, rejected or punished.

This fluid called love reveals our parts of light and shadow in us, shows us the most vulnerable parts, but also reminds us of the courage and strength to follow our heart.

We can cultivate love or we can extinguish it, strangle it, which shows us this immense power we have: Choice.

We carry this power at all times, the choice of truth or lie, love or emptiness, light or shadow.

Cupid's arrow strikes...

When Cupid's arrow hits our hearts, it's hard! I know it, but we can make the choice to open ourselves to this beautiful "adventure of the heart" and discover what it will teach us about ourselves or others, including human wounds.

This arrow is a spiritual awareness awakening and not a sleeping pill. What we do with this love is up to us, but we must realize that with love there is a connection and a union which gives the possibility of forgetting the "individuality", a fusion takes place between the 2 beings including their identities.

With this fusion, we project our desires and our fears onto the other instead of appropriating them and considering this opportunity as a possibility to take a leap: a leap towards what we are in our Essence, to face the shadows and expand our luminous parts.

Communication is a great ally in unraveling the chaos that love fusion can cause.

Oups, It is no more working ?

That said, if you find that your bond with your romantic partner is pushing you away from who you really are, ask yourself these questions:

- What part of myself am I neglecting?

- Who/what should I re-love in me first?

- What archetype is expressing itself in me at the moment? What are his needs?

- Am I in love, or am I in “attachment”?

In this situation, instead of rejecting the other, come back to your center and take time to readjust yourself and to find what is awakening in you, so if you decide to stay in this bond, you will dance in love, and balance your “links of connection” in order to re-find harmony.

And if love is no more there ?

I would tell you that love always IS. What fades is the "reason for you of " why you met or maybe you forgot what love is, but know that light is Movement and so we must follow it whether it is:

- Within the same spiral relationship and so you will find other ways to connect with each other and the light will show you which aspects of yourself are maturing.

-Or elsewhere.

Rose, heal me...

The Rose helps us to heal shame, dishonor, lack of trust, abandonment and other human wounds to open us to the grace of connection and love.

La Rose, puts her hand on our face and gently lifts it to show us the first rays at sunrise, a glimmer of hope, new adventures ahead.

The Rose also reminds me to cultivate the Knight of Cups - of the Tarot - within me: intuitive, loving, empathetic, giving love, caring for himself and others, creative and curious to learn. I like to think of myself as serving Cosmic Love and Divine Union, I can forget that aspect and pursue the most "earthly fantasies of love or desire" but a reminder of the place I occupies as a knight of cups in the Arcanas of the Tarot will restore me to the Natural Order and allow me to dive into my unconscious with courage to discover the highest aspects of love.

How to show your love ?

If Love is the emanation and the natural movement of Light, it will manifest itself in several ways:

+ Be attentive to others

+ Schedule time together

+ Detach yourself from the other to let him live his own experience, do not suffocate him by our own desires and needs

+ Communication in a must

+ Listening, support in joy as in misfortune

+ Confidence in this connexion and feeling called : love. It will go where it needs to.

Sometimes jostling a rose that has just opened can crumple and destroy it...

“In love, I have the impression of being in a soccer game where an offensive or an attack is expected of me, whereas I am the rain, whose presence nobody notices, when it comes to shake up the match. … Subtle, but decisive for the course of the match. »

To understand the meaning of the "emanation of love", we must observe and understand its manifestation around us. How the supreme light moves through the world and manifests in our daily lives.

How, what we call "God", "Universe", "beings around us", "ancestors" etc. show us their love ?

Observe the movement of light,

Feel its warmth,

See its manifestations in your daily life,

An accident avoided,

A found friend,

A meal on your table,

A "thank you" from afar,

A vibration of gratitude,

What are the manifestations of love in your daily life? And do you have the glasses to see them?

I can't resist adding this magical quote from The Book of Eli (2010) – by Denzel Washington: “Dear Lord, thank you for giving me the strength and the conviction to complete the task you entrusted to me. Thank you for guiding me straight and true through the many obstacles in my path. And for keeping me resolute when all around seemed lost.»

With love, Issrae Ouassima

- Open your heart to true heart-to-heart connections

- Heal the wounds that prevent you from fully experiencing love

- Get to know yourself better

- Connect to cosmic Love, taste it and transmit it.

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