Encounters With Nature and the Journey of the Soul
by Jean Herzel – A Tarot Deck and Book Boxed Set


The Nature Spirit Tarot took nine years to create: eight years of research, design and painting, and another year of production and self publishing. A great deal of research went into this project. Selecting just the right nature elements to express the meanings of these treasured cards was a project in itself. The tarot deck has a rich and extensive history, and continues to be a tool used and loved by many people. Jean’s interest in the tarot originated with her journey of self exploration. The deck was designed as a tool for personal growth. The accompanying book, also written by Jean, reflects this character in its descriptions of the card.

The cards, originally watercolors, are a generous size at 4″ x 7″.


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Nature Spirit Tarot deck : Encounters With Nature and the Journey of the Soul

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