In this recoded workshop you will learn how to connect to Fairies & Unicorns using tarot and oracle cards :

This workshop includes :

+ Prompts and spreads to use with your cards

+ Meditations

+ Teachings, healing & more. 


In this workshop we will:

- Connect and meet with Unicorns and Fairies

- Receive Healing

- Do spreads and readings with our oracle decks

- Have other practices including creativity


Our goal is to :

- Meet with Unicorns and Fairies in a more personal way

- Learn more about them and learn from their teachings

- Get a more personal and precise guidance

- Bring healing to certain areas of our lives


Price for this workshop : 15 $us or 45 $ for the 4 workshops


Tara is an intuitive Tarot & Oracle card, Angel card, & Lenormand card reader, Medium, & author.find more about her :


Duration : 1 h 55

Price for this workshop : 15 $us or 45 $ for the 4 workshops 


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Workshop : Connect to the magical realms of Unicorns and Fairies

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