Develop your intuition in 21days and learn to understand it better with this practical and fun program.


The principles are simple: Concrete and Have Fun !

We have created the MoveChallenge Workbooks to help people who want to make a real difference in their lives while having fun and investing a few minutes a day.


Created by Candice and Ouassima, this program offers short exercises, different spreads using Tarot or oracle cards.


Exercises are quickly achievable, whatever the time you have during the day : Whether you have a few minutes or want to take an hour a day, it's up to you.


Share your impressions of the day, your experiences, your feelings using #movechallengeintuition



As soon as the purchase is complete, download the workbook, print it if you wish and start the adventure ;)

MoveChallenge workbook: Develop your intuition in 21 days

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