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The Double Goddess of Portugal

Garden of the Hesperides – Ancient Roots and Continuity

To open your heart and senses


Traveling through the domains
from the triangle of the Center to the ancient stones of the South


May 2026

From our last Pilgrimage From the 7th to the 20th of may 2024

Double Goddess, Lady of Summer, and Crone of Winter


 Cosmic Goddess

Opening your heart and senses 

We invite you to a magical journey in the ancient Garden of the Hesperides, we will connect to the Goddess of these lands and the Cosmic Goddess to awaken your senses, reconnect with your inner fire, and let the Cosmic love flow through you.

In this country of ancient Celtic culture, the cult of the Double Goddess, Lady of Summer and Crone of Winter, is very much alive all over the territory of Portugal, but in a very especially way in the center of Portugal, in the mountainous region of Cova da Iria, which is part of the sacred triangle that links this place to the cities of Tomar and Santarém. In these three places, we find alive the cult of Iria, the Maiden face of Calaica-Beira, She who is the supreme Lady of this territory.  We will visit Her shrines in devotion and tell Her ancient stories there.

Her Crone counterpart, the Lady of Winter, is also very present in nearby though more secret, hidden, wild and untouched places, where, with devotion and reverence, we will go to Her encounter, and do not miss to honor Her.

For the month of May, however, we emphasize above all Her Lover aspect, Mistress of the Flowers and of the Pleasures, which will be in honor at this year's edition of our Goddess Conference which you will attend during the tour.

In various other places in the vicinity, we will find Her joyful and sensuous face and Her delights like those of Her healing waters.

And then we will travel to the South, to find our most archaic roots, the sacred stones of our ancestors, those who in these sacred temples, for millennia honored the Great Mother of all that is, in Her various faces and denominations, like Ategina, and also Diana, Who was brought here and honored by the Roman people who built Her a temple right in the center of Évora.In our tradition, this western territory, at the end of Europe, is also the physical counterpart of The Garden of the Hesperides, of the Golden Apples of immortality, and so, on this sacred journey, you will also have the opportunity to open your heart and senses to feel the delights and pleasures that this subtle dimension of the Goddess has to offer you.

All along this journey, Other Ancient Goddesses such as Isis, Hathor, and Nuit will defy space and time to journey with us in order to share their similarities and facets with the Celtic Roman Goddesses and will teach us how to be Cosmic Love and Flow in grace in today’s world.


What they say about it

Your Tour guides

What is included

  • 3 to 4 Preparatory and Teaching LIVE classes Via Zoom before the Pilgrimage : Mars – April 2026 with Issrae and Luiza

  • The Pilgrimage : 14 days and 13 nights with Transportation and entrance Fees 

  • Tickets to the great 3 days Festival of the Goddess in Portugal including the meals

  • English and French - speaking Professional teachers


Places we will visit together



Lisbon is older even than Rome! It is one of the most contrasting and distinct cities of Europe. Its trams, old and modern architecture, history and monasteries make it a unique destination.

Sintra 1.jpg


Sintra, one of the most magical places in Portugal. It is an unexpected, delighting, and fantastic city. It is a unique blend of magical natural landscape, ancient stone monuments, fairylike forests, and exquisite castles and palaces. World Heritage site classified by UNESCO.

Its beaches form the entry to the Garden of Hesperides, you will meet with the sacred waters of the Atlantic Ocean and its Blue and Turquoise lapping secluded rocks and sand beaches.




You will visit the ancient and romantic Nazaré, known for its highest waves in the World, but you may not know that its inhabitants are of Phoenician origin.




Peniche is a popular surfing area and one of the largest traditional fishing ports in Portugal, but it holds also a sanctuary and many churches and has a MUST-see Cost line.




One of the hidden places away amongst the hills of the Serra d’Aire, Fátima today is a major religious and spiritual destinations in the world and one of the most important landmarks in the Marian worship.




Tomar is closely linked to the Order of the Templars, which received these lands in 1159 as a reward for the assistance they gave Dom Afonso Henriques, the First King of Portugal. We will visit its castle and the remarkable Convent of Christ inside which are classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.




Alcobça is a unique mix of flavors, landscape and heritage. Located between the mountains and the ocean, it is the most beautiful corners of Portugal. This is where we will visit the classified World Heritage site’s magnificent Monastery or Royal Abbey of Santa Maria, founded in 1153. This is where new techniques and agricultural products were introduced and strengthened the place of this region is one of the main fruit producers in Portugal. Gastronomy and confectionery were immensely influenced by the Monasteries and Convents existing in this region.


Ribeira de Santarém


The town of Santarém is one of the oldest and most intriguing places in the center of Portugal. It was one of the most important cities in Lusitania and was a royal residence and the capital of the kingdom of Portugal. We will Ribeira de Santarém and will connect to the Goddess in its hidden spaces guided by Luiza.




Evora is another World Heritage site classified by UNESCO. It’s story dates back more than twenty centuries to Celtic times and during the Roman occupation it was known as Liberalitas Julia, we will visit the ruins of the city’s iconic Diana’s temple and the wild hidden Goddess spaces in this Museum-city.


Serra da Arrábida


Serra da Arrábida is a protected area and is home to the world’s oldest living Mediterranean vegetation. It is also the place where fine wines and prized milk is made used for the famous Azeitão cheese. We will go through this Lisbon‘s southern coastline, and explore its natural and spiritual architecture, and hidden places.

This journey will be based on this book
and other teachings about the Goddess
Coming soon

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Contact us for questions and information
We will schedule a meeting together to discuss the details and make sure this trip is a fulfilling experience.


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