Expositions : L'Âme des Roses 

With this virtual exhibition, we want you to travel around the world and make you meet roses and feel their soul through their colors, shapes and magic. Take the time to meet each rose, meditate with it, converse with it and let yourself embark on a spiral journey.

Note: These photos were taken by Ouassima Issrae, priestesses or partners, old ones might be taken from public archives.

Roses in Black
Roses in black, what would be roses without colors? Discover them differently:


The Eternal Rose
Roses are present in all the events of our lives: births, successes, marriages, illnesses and deaths. They are the best companions during a transition, they give us the courage to move forward, the calm we need to face challenges, but beyond their medicinal, emotional and mental virtues, they hold the keys to the world of mystery, where the boundaries of time and space no longer exist, they are, indeed, timeless, eternal, Mysterious and magical.