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"Très instructif, drôle et plein de merveilleuses recettes !" Solange

"Fantastique ! Très fortement recommandé ! J'ai adoré toutes les recherches incluses et les liens en direct vers chacune (version Kindle). Je les ai trouvées très encourageantes et perspicaces, avec l'intention de partager les informations et les plantes médicinales avec ceux que je connais qui luttent contre le SSPT ; endurent le voyage écrasant du cancer du sein; ont perdu espoir et cœur; et pour les problèmes liés à la ménopause, au syndrome prémenstruel et à d'autres problèmes féminins (et les hommes de leur vie qui luttent également avec leurs affaires respectives, pour lesquels j'ai appris que Rose pouvait également aider !" Danielle Cook. 

"... Its originality amazed me. You have a spiritual, mystical, esoteric and even erotic approach to the rose that is not common. "

Pierrick Eberhard

“I found this book fascinating and poetic.
If you like flowers and roses in particular, you will be seduced…" 

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"I just received it today and I'm so impressed. It covers so much about roses...not about gardening, but about the spirit or etheric level of these most beautiful flowers."

Lucia on Amazon

"Ce beau livre est enchanteur, très facile à lire et très agréable. Elizabeth a un sens de l'humour qui fait appel à mon âme. J'aime la diversité du contenu et la façon dont chaque chapitre vous donne envie de plus. Son étude de la rose est vaste et méticuleuse et présentée avec clarté, beauté et beaucoup d'amour. En tant que thérapeute ..., je recommande vivement ce livre." Looby

The Medicine Goddess Rose

The elixir that has crossed time from ancient Egypt, India, China to modern medicine and its use in aromatherapy as an essential oil

by Elizabeth Ashley


Orthodox medicine now recognizes the connection between mind, body, and soul by making extraordinary progress that concretely explains the consequences of distress and stress on our physical body.

This book studies the contemporary medicine of the Rose, this flower qualified as a goddess, and compares it with the ancient medicines of yesteryear.


Come with me and start this amazing journey with the Rose Goddess...

With this book:

  • Meet Innana, the ancient Sumerian goddess whose power and love were invoked and embodied by the rose.

  • Trace the journey of the rose from perfume at the Temple of Innana in Uruk, through ancient Egypt and Greece to the contemporary workshops and laboratories of modern times.

  • Contemplate ancient writings from ancient Egypt, medieval India, and even scripts from Avicenna describing all uses of the rose.

  • Investigate the incredible influence that Unani medicine had in helping the rose achieve the empress status it enjoys today.

  • Discover the principles of Chinese medicine, unknown to Western medicine, that so profoundly influence sensual and sexual healing.

  • Learn how to use rose oil in aromatherapy - essential oil therapies - to treat a myriad of conditions that affect skin, memory, sexuality and emotions.

  • Understand the benefits of rose oil for skin from a scientific and aromatic point of view.

  • Arm yourself with the power to decide whether to use rose essential oil or rose absolute and for what therapeutic purpose.

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The UK Director for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and an overseas speaker for the International Federation of Aromatherapists, she is also regular contributor for several professional and trade magazines. She writes about aromatherapy for Aromatika, where her work is translated into Hungarian, Aromaculture, and the NAHA Journal, and about sales and business for Holistic Therapist magazine, and has previously been professionally published by In Essence, the Aromatherapy Thymes, the IFA Journal and The New Zealand Register for Professional Therapists.


This book is a basic manual to the Temple of Roses,please visit the Temple here.

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