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" Ce livre est facile à lire et particulièrement informatif... Je l’ai littéralement dévoré, et  mis en pratique certaines recommendations, les résultats m’ont stupéfiés! " Sarah. 

Toujours aussi pleine d'esprit, Elizabeth Ashley vous guide à travers les étapes pour créer vos propres mélanges aphrodisiaques personnels.

J'ai adoré l'histoire supplémentaire sur les courtisanes (bien sûr que j'en étais une dans une vie antérieure!)" Lilly

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Essential Oils & Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy to stimulate sensuality, revive desire and boost sexuality.

by Elizabeth ashlhey


Some essential oils have aphrodisiac properties, increase libido, fuel passion and relieve anxiety, but the art of aromatherapy involves something deeper.
Elizabeth Ashley unlocks the mysteries of aphrodisiac aromatherapy in a practical and playful way and helps you discover how essential oils can give you and your partner a longer lasting, more ecstatic and loving, even spiritual and tantric relationship. .

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Blast the sensuality and create your own breathless aphrodisiac blends entirely based on your personal story and the needs of your own relationship.
Aromatherapy is for each person (or in the case of this book, the couple) as an individual, to peel back the different layers to find where the problem lies.


With this book:
• Identify key emotions that derail libido
• Bridge emotional chasms
• Feed sexual chemistry
• Rediscover sensual unity
• Experience deeper intimacy
• Build happier, healthier and more fulfilling relationships
Use aromatherapy and essential oils to create a fragrant embrace that will keep you smiling for a long time.

Take your romantic relationships to the ecstatic level.

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The UK Director for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and an overseas speaker for the International Federation of Aromatherapists, she is also regular contributor for several professional and trade magazines. She writes about aromatherapy for Aromatika, where her work is translated into Hungarian, Aromaculture, and the NAHA Journal, and about sales and business for Holistic Therapist magazine, and has previously been professionally published by In Essence, the Aromatherapy Thymes, the IFA Journal and The New Zealand Register for Professional Therapists.


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This book is a basic manual to the Temple of Roses,please visit the Temple here.

Cover Nuances aphrodisiaques.jpg
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