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"... Its originality amazed me. You have a spiritual, mystical, esoteric and even erotic approach to the rose that is not common. "

Pierrick Eberhard

“I found this book fascinating and poetic.
If you like flowers and roses in particular, you will be seduced…" 

Lololeblog on Instagram

"I just received it today and I'm so impressed. It covers so much about roses...not about gardening, but about the spirit or etheric level of these most beautiful flowers."

Lucia on Amazon

Wisdom of the Mystic Roses
At the Temple of Roses


"Of all the flowers, methinks a rose is best." - William Shakespeare

There are over three hundred species of Roses and quadruple that many hybrids and cultivars. Roses are native to Asia, but several species have also originated from Europe, North America and Africa. This widespread proliferation may have contributed to the Rose’s rich cultural history, making it one of the most recognized symbols throughout time.

In Wisdom of the Mystic Rose, Cosmic Ambassador and Priestess of the Temple of Roses Ouassima Issrae Touahria explores the majesty and mystery of the Rose. In this fascinating work, she invites you to approach the Rose from a higher plane, not only recognizing its physical attributes and benefits but realizing its spiritual blessings as well.


With a gentle and welcoming voice, Ouassima Issrae uses researched facts and personal anecdotes to introduce you to the Temple of Roses. She reveals the steps to becoming an initiate, the proper way to enter a Temple, and the teachings of the Temple. She also discusses the correlation between the Rose and other mystical practices such as color theory, numerology, and divination.

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“This book is not a scientific exploration of flowers but rather it is a vibrational and spiritual encounter with these beings,” explains Ouassima Issrae. Filled with incisive yet compassionate questions, this book guides you through the stages of introspection in order to commune with the Rose and receive its many blessings and benefits.


Ouassima Issrae Touahria offers initiations at the Temple of the Rose to women who wish to collaborate with the flowers and other Allies in order to bring Light to certain places in the world and who want to bring deep healing and harmony to different areas of life.


Order it now 

Mockup - English Cover Top View.jpg
Mockup - rose marble.jpg
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