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The Temple of Roses®

Temple of the Roses®Trademark

Initiation of priestesses into the Temple of Roses®

This initiation is not just about learning to become a priestess. Instead, it is about revealing the priestess that has always been there hidden inside of you, like a precious jewel that has long been forgotten.

"An initiation that allows you to broaden your field of perception of the living world, the subtle world, the universe." Roxane

"Topissime training, topissime Ouassima."  Christele


"Magnificent training. It's wonderful to be in contact with the Roses. Soft and intense training because you learn a lot of things. Ouassima and the whole team are very attentive" Nathalie

The Roses invite you to live an experience of transcendence, a spiral of revolution towards what is truer and more authentic within you.

The potential change that the Roses invite you to experience is essential for the times we live in and will help you experience the spiraling transformation from within so that it spreads to the outer world.


During your initiation into the Temple of Roses you will:

  • Discover the healing secrets of the Roses on several planes of existence.

  • Make cosmic journeys to learn and bring mystical knowledge.

  • Master different modalities of therapy and divination with the Roses

  • Receive healing energy and also offer it.

  • Connect to Roses through ceremonies, rituals and sacred art.

  • Learn how to make your own Roses medicine bag.

  • Communicate directly with the Roses.

  • Commune with the Cosmic Mother, the Marys and other spiritual allies.

  • Rediscover how to vibrate Love, Generosity, and Wisdom and bring harmony between the divine feminine and masculine.

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