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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Should I prepare for the meeting?

It would be very helpful to write down your questions and prepare them for the meeting so that we can discuss what is really important to you. For energy treatments, it will be wiser to plan a lighter day in terms of activity, in order to allow you time to rest and relax.


Is meeting on Skype or Zoom the same as meeting in person?

Yes! Absolutely ! I am able to connect personally and energetically with every client I meet on Skype or Zoom or who asks me for remote care. The focus is on care and not on transport and waiting time.


What types of treatments do you offer?

My approach is multidisciplinary, so I combine different techniques according to the client's energy and objective. Thus, I offer shamanic care, cosmic energy care, channeled messages and teachings, supplemented with Bach flowers, coaching tools to go in depth, etc.

How to pay ?

I accept all major credit cards as well as bank transfer and cash.


What is the cancellation policy?

It is important to give 48 hours notice for any delays or cancellations for a full refund.

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