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Shadowscapes Tarot : What is your spirit ?

This article is a summary of our month study with this deck. Many participants gave their opinions and feelings about it. To find all the posts and know more about this study, check here


  • Has a cosmic vibe!

  • A watery charming deck

  • Bringsusintoadreamwherelogicandlimitsdon'texist.

  • Old and wise , having lived many life times rising from the ashes

  • Childlikeinnocencewithin

  • Fantastical,imaginative,creative and full of possibilities

  • Capable of generating great things

“We are watching and without noticing we get involved and we take part of the adventure.” Ouassima


  • Subtle but strong

  • Definitely a healing deck ! on all levels !

  • Nurtures, supports and gives guidance to any questions so that balance and harmony is restored

  • Radiates serenity, harmony, love, healing... and it gives a deep sense of ease and well- being

  • It tapes into our unconscious to bring the truth into light, like the lovers that fly to the sun, or is it the moon...

  • Teach and communicate through play, imagination and love.

  • All wisdom is within this deck, just waiting to be brought into clarity.

“I will catch your intuition in my web, and help you create answers, slowly, precisely... meticulously with love and patience.” by Sa Mia

“I am necessary in all eras in order to encourage you to break free of your limiting beliefs. So open your eyes, lift up your head and see the bigger picture...that is your freedom and this is how I do my work in your contemporary world. You just have to see my Lighter side through the darkness...” By Lucie Fae


See big

  • This deck offers us a good opportunity to ascend our consciousness,

  • Expands our vision,helps to see things beyond veils.

  • To make important decision for our growth.

  • It will be good for Big Questions about life.

  • Freedom of the Cosmo


  • To draw down the reality of Above to transform the reality of Below.

  • To bring hope and make the impossible possible and remove limitations.

Go dark

  • Shadow work


  • Helping to focus on projects, and schoolwork as well as relationships both social and personal.

  • Balance between the spiritual and material worlds

  • Find your inner peace despite the turnmoil

  • Listen to your inner voice

To know more about this deck and what we learned from it, visit this page

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