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From separation to wholeness with Roses, Lets do the Work !

STOP being afraid

When you start living like Rose, you stop being afraid of losing what you are or who you are. Because what you are is so deeply anchored in your essence. What you are manifesting in the world is your own essence, and nobody can take that or imitate it or take it from you. You stop then focusing on what people are doing, or how people are dealing with what you have been offering to the world, and you start focusing on what you came here to do.

This saves you so much time and so much effort. You become, in a sense, the only living being on the planet, because you are connected to the real essence of who you are. And the essence of who you are is full abundance, is the whole planet, it is Truth and it is righteousness. It is by the cosmic laws the reality of living as a rose.

You start putting your focus, and your intention on what you came here on the planet to do and you start manifesting that without regard to other people, you do what you’ve got to do!

Yet, you have to be careful of who you are dealing with!

When you deal with people, you have to be patient and know that they are not acting from a wholeness perspective. They're acting from a separation perspective, you have to deal with that, with cautiousness. And you have also to access the other realms of vision and clarity to see the world. What does it mean? It means that you don't have to see the world only from a physical perspective, you have to see it from also an energy perspective and a spiritual perspective.

Most people that you see on the street, at work, and in your own family are inhabited by other beings. This might be surprising for you, right? Now, I don't want you to freak out. But, I want you to know that we, as humans, have lived many traumas and experienced many difficult problems in our lives, which can make us want to live out of our bodies.

When people experience trauma, they will want to be out of that experience, out of their physical space, and body. Yet, they are living here on Planet Earth.

They want also to get out of their own earthy experience when they are not satisfied with their lives or not happy about themselves, or they live in fear and a separation field. This makes them deal with life and with orders from a separation perspective. This includes separation from others, from the self, from the body.

Separation from our body means not inhabiting ourselves, our bodies, and our brains fully. And what is not inhabited by us, will be inhabited by something else. Think about a house that nobody visited for eons, rats and spiders take it as their territory, and then other beings that we know and don’t know. This takes place on the physical AND the astral plane.

This is a law. This is not something that I am imagining or creating, this is something we witness all the time, all the time in our shamanic practice. If some spaces are not filled with our core energy, they might be filled with other energies. And these energies can be Spirits, ghosts, extraterrestrials, it can be so many things. And that's what we do in the extraction practice, where we remove intrusions. Well, I came to realize that they are not intrusions. They are spaces that are not inhabited by the person because a part of her decided to leave her own body, her own space for a specific reason to protect herself in a traumatic experience, etc.

Every house that you see if the house is not inhabited by humans. A lot of things because it is a space, a physical space.

The more traumas the person lives, the more she leaves until she's just becoming a host. Yes, she becomes a host of many other things. And this is why the role of shamans is very important as they remove intrusions and all these intrusive energies. But it s not enough.

It's not enough.

We have to bring the person back to live in her own body, what we call a soul retrieval, We have to bring the parts she lost, and most importantly, the parts that love life, joy, believe in life, in abundance, etc.

Moreover, the next step is that she reconnects with her spiritual essence, and her origins so that she knows who she is and what she is here to do. This brings power back. That is why I consider shamanic work, one of the most serious ancestral technological healing way to treat people in our modern life.

So let's go back to the question: how to live in our modern life?

By becoming full. How can you today live by becoming full? You have to come back to your essence and that's what I do at the temple of roses. I come back to my essence and I help people to come back to their essence.

So from that space, You stop wanting to be like others, You stop wanting to compare yourself to others. You start living with your own voice with your own being.

This is what we are offering at the Temple of Roses, a way back home, to your essence, a reconnection to your power, the sovereign power of living here. Speaking, walking, living by becoming the rose you are…

Not all roses are the same, not all the roses smell the same, and not all the roses came to do the same.

So what is it that you came to do here as a rose? What is your medicine of the Rose?

Of course, you can read about the remedies of the rose as much as you want! You can find millions of articles about how to use the rose and how to smell the rose and how to treat it with the Rose, or how to connect with the sacred feminine, etc…

But, what I learned at the Temple of Roses is about reconnecting you to the rose and the essence you are, and from there comes the real medicine that you are to the world.

Instead of being a tool, roses become your allies, you become them, and you remember the rose you are.

At this level of work. There's so much power and so much efficiency in what you do, because the medicine you are bringing forth is the Real you, from your core, it has a smell and a quality that are so unique, and even more, that is efficient because it brings real change in your own life and people’s life. And this is what is needed in our lives, TRUTH, true medicine, true change, truth …

So, reconnect to your own medicine and practice it so that you become what you ARE fully, inhabiting your being fully.

To learn more about the Temple of Roses, but if you want to be initiated at the Temple of Roses, nothing better than to contact me directly here:

Much love, and rosely yours,

Issrae Ouassima.

Ps: Pic I took in the Uk

Read more about Roses in my book

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