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How to set boundaries as an empath for manipulative opportunistic?Act as a rose

As a highly sensitive person, I had to carry on living with non-sensitive people for a long time, and among them, I met some very passionate and nice people but also some manipulative opportunistic ones. They made me very cautious about whom I open myself to and what to share or not.

But, when I reconnected with the flowers, the trees, and my dear roses, I learned how to be out there without fearing to “lose” myself. I trusted more my ability to survive any situation that might come my way. Indeed, I touched the strength, clarity, and truth that have always been within me and built confidence in my intuition.

Roses taught me to see the light in everyone, but at the same time to not let my guard in case predators came around.

Those predators and manipulative opportunistic persons have a certain set of behavior that I am going to share with you today, if you have lived similar situation, please comment below and let us know what helped you to extract yourself from these situations.

The strategy of manipulative opportunistic persons

  1. Rapid! Everything is rapid with them, they want to get engaged rapidly in an intimate relationship, friendship, partnership or even marriage!

  2. They get so close to you, which makes you open up yourself to them and share your secrets, they can take advantage of you in this way and know how to manipulate you, they know your principles and can “align themselves” to them, they identify your weak spots and know how to trigger them.

  3. They want to be with you all the time, calling you every minute, untill you lose the ability to "be with yourself". If you are lonely, they will pry on you.

  4. They make you believe that their lives turn around you, that without you they will crumble. They give you the role of the savior and want you to bring them back to life! But be careful, when someone makes you responsible for his life, give it back to him or else you will burden yourself!

  5. They lie! Oh yes, they do to get what they want from others. If you notice it, they will try to convince you that there is no other way.

  6. They sometimes don’t act alone. They need the support of other people whether consciously (in the case of an organized group) or unconsciously, this means that, if you are at a dinner, they will try to get the support of some participants to build on the trust. They act, and to do so, they need a scene and “other actors”.

  7. They are passive-aggressive and they hide their emotions, if they are angry, they will try to not show it, but you will feel it through their words or their intensity, they might have crocodile tears too.

  8. They want your life! You will often hear them telling you that your life looks amazing for them, that they wish they could be like you and so on, Actually, they want your light, and instead of looking for their own light, they want to take yours to push themselves up. This is so similar to narcissistic vampirism.

But be careful, we have all these aspects within us, we have been educated to be nice and “manipulative”, try to look at the marketing strategies and politics! But there are degrees of opportunism that make it totally wrong and destructive.

What is wrong with manipulative opportunism?

- It is based on “lies”, the truth of people is not revealed, and every action or word is calculated.

- It is based on “lack”, when we look for what we don’t have, and start comparing our life to and possessions with other people’s, we live in hell! In this case, people become predators, they forget that they are blessed as they believe they are cursed.

- It is not based on the Cosmic laws, they exist to maintain harmony in everything. Laws of faith, free will, love and harmony for example are dismissed, but I find that the most dangerous one is the Law of Cause and effect. If we become opportunistic in a destructive way, it will return back at us or our loves one’s at a certain moment.

As light workers, we take many years to cleanse and purify and heal our ancestral lineages, but what we do in our daily normal life, will impact them and the next generations too. Our actions have repercussions on our close ones, families, and the next generations.

So make sure you always choose the right and light path, respect the most possible Cosmic Laws, and seek harmony in all you do. Look for the shadowy aspects of your own life to make sure you don’t transfer on bad karma.

What to do now?

1. Set clear boundaries as a rose

The Great Mother taught me again and again at the Temple of Roses, how much important and filled with resources I am, and how much these are precious and I can’t let them be seen and available for others easily. My body is as precious as gold, and my soul is as precious as diamond.

I had and still have to set boundaries and learn to say NO to any manipulative act from people, companies, and more. This No, is not only with words but with my energy.

When I say no to something, I say yes to something else.

I say yes to people who have a pure heart, who have my highest good in perspective too, and not only theirs, people who honor the sacred in everything, who seek construction instead of destruction…

2. Check their actions

You have to check people’s actions: in a society where we talk a lot, try to look for what people do, what they produce, and how they live, in simplicity or complication. Are the actions aligned with the words? Etc.


- I know that many of you are empaths, but know that not all people are kind and have good intentions, don’t be friendly and kind to all people.

- Say your truth but also keep your eyes open, because some can take advantage of what you say to enter your world.

- Notice the words that they employ to be nice and appear as your friend.

- Acknowledge what you are and what you have: The jewel you are might be recognized by thieves but not by you! If you are less confident about your gifts, and your work, and you forgot how wonderful you are, write it down, believe in yourself, and do therapeutic work to see yourself as who really you are.

- Don’t play the savior game, because these people will get you in the triangle of victim, savior, persecutor, they will make you feel important because you are saving them, or maybe they make you feel like a victim and they save you *waiting for the right moment to ask you for something back. You have to get out of that triangle by asking yourself:

What makes you enter these games? What makes you feel like a victim in the first place? Do you feel small, do you feel you don’t have the resources to get out of the situation you are in? etc.

If you are a savior, what or who are you trying to save? Why? Do therapeutic work to see the truth and ask for it to appear to you. It will come, maybe through dreams, maybe in reality as their actions will transform in front of you. Be open and look.

- Determine what type of relationships you want to have. Visualize them, and make a vision board about the type of people you want to meet and have in your life.

- Ask yourself, what would you do with this time spent with these people, what are they making you away from? What are they stealing your time from? Is there a project you have been delaying and avoiding?

Are you attracting distractions to push you away from your own projects and creations?

- And finally, learn about energy, because life is not just about the physical aspect: when you talk to people, what part of you is in that relationship, or wants to stay there? I often see how the fear of the future, or of missing the opportunity, or loneliness, or a dream makes us hooked in a relationship. To know more about energy and the negative cords, check here this book.

- Always ask yourself: Do you feel complete in the relationship? What archetypes are present in your relationships? To know more about them check here.

Gratitude will make you always live in grace, be grateful for all the experiences you had and you have, do not let anyone get you down, because you are very high… You are precious and you should acknowledge it now.

Much love,


If you want to connect with your essence, enter the Temple of Roses to be initiated to the Roses Path.

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