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Roses or the spirit of Roses? How to connect to the Roses ?

Where do the Roses come from?

Did you know that in Asia, there is evidence showing that the Rose was growing in the wild as early as the Paleolithic era. The Chinese have been using this flower for 5,000 years and cultivating it to use its virtues and the virtues of its fruit, the rosehip.

The Rose is an important remedy in Chinese medicine.

The peoples of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia and Greece also cultivated the Rose.

Vishnu, the Supreme God of India, formed his consort, Lakshmi, from 108 large and 1,008 small rose petals.

In Greece, the Rose was associated with Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty, and then with Venus in Roman times. Cupid, son of Mars and Venus, wears a crown of roses, like Priapus, god of gardens and fertility*.

Intact bouquets of roses were also discovered in Tutankhamun's sarcophagus and, during the reign of Ramses II, its essence became one of the basic ingredients in mummification rituals.

The rose continues its course and becomes the symbol of mystical societies but also the national emblem of several countries and states: England (Tudor rose), Bulgaria, United States, Finland (white rose), Iraq, Maldives, Romania, Georgia in USA (Rosa laevigata), Iowa (Rosa arkansana), New York, North Dakota (Rosa blanda or arkansana), Oklahoma.


Les chamans amazoniens connaissent et ont accès à de nombreuses plantes psychoactives puissantes. Photo: American Academy of Achievement.

Imagine that the Roses are living beings like you and me, capable of feeling and thinking. This principle comes from animism, it is not a religion, but a vision of nature: every being in nature is inhabited by a soul and has a consciousness and a depth of its own.

We find this principle in shamanic and ancestral traditions where medicine Women and Men connect to the different spirits of nature, animals, trees and plants to receive guidance, healing and messages for themselves, their patients, and even for the tribe.

In the native tribes of South America, plant songs are an integral part of the shaman's work. These songs called ikaros or icaros are obtained by the practitioner directly by connecting to the plant or are transmitted from one generation to another, they help him to call the spirits and to heal. These songs give him powers that allow him to create real changes in matter.

To connect with the plants, the shaman must go through a process of preparation and have a special diet. This reveals the respect and reverence he shows to enter into communion with the Roses.

Respect: the essential to maintain any relationship that exists.

Roses or … the spirit of Roses ?

I have always known that the Roses were beings filled with wisdom, that they were connected to a higher dimension bringing beauty, love, help and healing to Men.

Their beauty, their depth fascinate us, they inspire us with their diversity, with their colors and captivate us with their fragrances.

The Roses for me are Spirits with whom we can collaborate!

The Rose is the initiator, she (not it) is the one who touches the heart and the soul, a guide who anchors us and elevates us at the same time. She is a healer with whom I feel like a shaman in my essence, who transmits the spirit of the Rose.

The Rose is rich in lessons and mystery that are revealed as the Initiation progresses...

I encourage my clients to connect to the Roses directly to find their own medicine. The Roses have several ikaros or icaros, medicine song, but also different virtues that are revealed to each one in a unique way.

An authentic encounter that takes place in intimacy, where the two beings look each other in the eye, appreciate each other, gently and sensually reveal themselves to each other. It is to this personal encounter with them that the Rose invites us...

To learn more, visit the Temple of Roses here

Order the book Wisdom of the Rose


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