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The 5 top spiritual shops to visit in London + bonus

In this article you will find:

  • Spiritual and magical shops to visit

  • Bonus: To enhance your visit

Spirituality, personal development and magic are topics that interest you, you must absolutely see these shops in London:

1. Watkins Books

Is reading your passion? So do not miss this spiritual, esoteric and mystical bookshop that has existed for 125 years. Several mystical schools organized their meetings there and amongst them we find Aleister Crowley, the creator of the Thoth Tarot. Moreover, weekly meetings are always organized on various topics and international authors pass by such as Eckhart Tolle.

Upon entering the shop, you'll find a large collection of Tarot and Oracle cards as well as thousands of books on wellness, personal development, and more. But what surprised me most is the basement full of rare books and different manuscripts about magic, alchemy and other equally interesting and unknown subjects! You will easily spend the afternoon without feeling time!

Readings available on the shop.

2. The astrology shop

For lovers of astrology, this shop is a Must. It is located in the loved quartier: Coven Garden, which includes unique shops, theaters and 60 hubs of the 1800s, it can be reached by subway or bus easily.

In this shop you will find different crystals, Tarot cards, candles, etc. But it stands out above all by its varied books on astrology and you can get your personalized astrological chart.

3. The Atlantis Shop

A charming, century-old family-owned boutique just next door to the British Museum, renowned for its books and history with mystical schools, who organized their meetings in the basement (despite its small size), there are sometimes organized exhibitions and workshops to date.

This shop is worth visiting if you are interested in Wicca and magic in general, you will find a nice collection of books and different statues and objects for magic rituals.

4. Mysteries

A small shop where you will find crystals and jewels of different origins. The most striking is the wall in the back of the shop with different Tarot cards, also the large selection of incense and other items offered to clean the spaces as well as some crystals from England.

Readings available sometimes

5. Treadwell's Books

Also offer different books on Wicca and magic by big and small editions, if you are looking for rare books, it is possible that you find them there!

Readings available sometimes


To add a little more to your visit to London, take a look:


At the British Museum

The British Museum is a wonderful school of magic and activation for spiritual seekers, you will find traces of lost civilizations and with a little meditation and / or imagination, you will find traces, advice or answers to your questions.

The museum is quite large, because England was a great empire and has conducted various archaeological research around the world, so it is possible that one day is not enough to go around. I suggest you choose Galleries to visit in the main hall according to your interest and your intuition.

Main Galleries: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Civilization, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Free admission, plan the visit early during the day to avoid the large number of tourists.

At Holand Park

A beautiful park with hidden gardens, including the Kyoto Japanese Garden offered by the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce in 1991, the Lovers' Labyrinth, and an Ecological Center. Choose your spot near the trees or the rose garden and let yourself go to minutes or hours of contemplation and meditation.

At Patisserie Valérie

Take a break in this beautiful pastry shop opened in 1926 by a Belgian lady and who kept the atmosphere of the 50s; let yourself be tempted by a veggie dish or diabolically divine dessert (and quite sweet).

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With much love, Ouassima

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