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The magical Roses Garden in Madrid, the Rosaleda

The Retiro Park is one of the most beautiful gardens in the center of Madrid. It has a restaurant, a Gym, a beautiful palace and… A Rose garden.

Its origins date back to the early 1500s and the park shows the evolution it has taken over the years as it evolved around the monastery that was moved to the region by Isabella I, and the small palace as the park became the retreat place for royals.

One of the most amazing additions to the park is a recent garden that was brought to life as an initiative of the Mayor of Madrid, Carlos Prats, as he wanted to add a more elegant look to the Park. It was established by gardener Cecilio Rodríguez, in 1915. This is the magnificent rose garden the “Rosaleda.”.

The location previously was home to a small pond for ice skating during winter. After Rodríguez traveled to Paris for inspiration, he brought the model for the garden from the Parisian garden La Rosaleda de Bagatelle along with the first roses that started the Rosaleda. Even if the original rose garden was totally destroyed in the Civil War, it found its splendor again when more than 4,000 roses were brought and planted again in the year 1941.

The garden is meticulously maintained, even if it doesn’t respect the original strict order and design this is what adds charm to it. Each section of the garden is identified by origin and the roses are labeled to satisfy the curiosity of the mind. At the center of this roses garden, you find a small pond, bordered by two elegant white limestone fountains. The gentle sound of the flow of water creates a magical, serene, and calm atmosphere inviting the visitors to sit and meditate while being enchanted by the colors and scents of roses.

La Rosaleda Street, S/N Parque Del Oeste, 28008 Madrid Spain

Neighbourhood: Casa de Campo

How to get there

  • Principe Pío • 6 min walk

  • Ventura Rodríguez • 10 min walk

  • Best time to visit: Spring and early summer

Another Rose Garden that you may want to visit in Madrid is the Parque del Oeste (Rosaleda del Parque del Oeste). Smaller than the Rosaleda, it is less known to tourists but worth a visit, as its unique beauty is widely recognized, it received the Award of Garden Excellence in 2006.

Opened in 1956, its style is modern but combines the old designs of gardens from other cities in Europe.

Rosaleda del Parque del Oeste

C. de la Rosaleda, s/n, 28008 Madrid, Espagne

With love,

Ouassima Issrae,

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