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A 7 day journey with Hathor and other beings for An Expansion of Consciousness

In our journeys, I channel and I share with you a vibration, a teaching. You may want to stop the video at any moment if something emerges within you, or you may want to lie down after the video to let the spirit guide you further and give you a vision. But Before you start listening :

  • Ground yourself

  • Breath deeply and relax

  • Let yourself be carried by the inspiration

  • Notice if you receive any sensations, words, images,

  • After you finish listening, stay in that state and let yourself be carried by the spirit guide.

  • Then, take some notes or a question, and pick a card or 2 for more clarity, or with the question: How can I embody this teaching?

Join us on our group Facebook for further exploration and a discussion about the main theme

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If you are comfortable with shamanic journeys, you might like to take a journey with your ally to meet and learn with him, this journey can be done with the drum or in meditation, here is a recording of the drum sound by Michale Harner for those without a drum. 
You can also explore the questions with your Tarot and Oracle deck.

Join us on our Facebook group for further exploration and discussion around the theme

Discover the Wisdom of Roses

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Nest Of Light Oracle 

Oracle and Book of Cosmic Laws

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