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Beyond coaching and personal development, during a session with Ouassima, you can have access to a multidisciplinary, participatory and unconventional approach that goes deep and is built according to the energy and the goal of the clients.

  • In a session

I combine :

  • Professional coaching access to actions and practical exercises: in the case of life projects, a change of habits and attitudes, etc.

  • Crystal and Celestial energy healing with Cosmic Allies such as the Archangels...

  • Shamanic treatment: extraction of energetic obstruction and entities, soul recovery.

  • Reconstruction of the Energy Body of Light with Etheric Surgery and Chants.

  • Creative and intuitive accompaniment: Drawing, painting, dance, music, songs, caricature, etc. Used often in the case of emotions and experiences difficult to release.

  • Tarot and Oracle readings with my allies Guidances.

  • Flower therapy including Bach flowers

  • Channeled cosmic teachings, etc.


Special Offer: Business Accompaniment for #Starseeds


You want to start a Start up or a dream project, you want to achieve while aligned with your mission of life and your Soul Essence. Whether you are an accountant, therapist or artist: We combine personalized, practical and creative tools so that the project or company radiates Your True message and you are Visible by the people who will appreciate your offer.

I accompany you for a month to give wings and Wheels to your project. Contact me directly:

Prenez rdv
  • Informations

30 min : 60 $us

1 h : 100 $us

1 h 30 : 150 $us

* Consultations can be done by distance, by phone, Skype, Messenger, recorded video, or in person.

* My approach is multidisciplinary, so I combine different techniques according to the energy and the goal of the client. Thus, I offer shamanic treatments, cosmic energy treatments, messages and channeled teachings, completed with Bach flowers, coaching tools to go deep, etc.

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