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Rencontre Ouassima Issrae

Ouassima Issrae is an author and creator of CoreMagik and Ouassimagik Academy, she offers shamanic and energy treatments and gives multiple training courses and online programs. He is inspired by nature, magic and the stars.


Through her books, consultations, and in-depth courses, she helps people who doubt themselves, are confused about spirituality and how to live it in physical reality, those who feel misaligned and vulnerable - in today's world - to negative energies and influences, which cause them to put their dreams aside and "to shut down".

As a Truth-Keeper, Cosmic Ambassador, Keeper of the Records, Priestess of the Temple of Roses, she takes her clients, students and readers on a mystical journey in order to bring healing and knowledge that can be helpful for them- themselves and for the future generations.

Ouassima Issrae was also a chess champion and is a holder of a master's degree in management and technology, studied journalism and project management, naturopathy, shamanism and plant medicine. She is also a dancer, artist, interested in the mysteries of Egypt, archetypes and the use of imagery and therapeutic art including the Tarot. 


The multiplicity of my being:

Ouassima Issrae daughter, sister, eternal student, Master in Business Administration, entrepreneur, modern therapist, Shamanist, naturopath in the making, pro coach, author and editor, Guardian of the Temple of Truth, Priestess and guardian of the Temp le des Roses, Being a Star, Cosmic and Medium Ambassador, Grand Mère Plume Blanche ...


Through the words, sound and magic, I guide you through trips to help you find answers and practical support.

I recall your Cosmic and eternal origin, source of Life and Force to face earthly difficulties.

I help you connect with and celebrate your soul's exhilaration and joy through your body, work, and relationships.

By vibrating the Essence that you are:

You will become what you always dreamed of being

You will share your gifts

You will build a new reality

You will find your soul family ...

Open your heart, and awaken your golden crown ... Take the highest path ... Be true to your Essence and Your mandates ... Be Righteous, and find the strength of the sun that dwells within you ...

Follow the alchemy of Life and its seasons, connect to the flow of each season and pick what it brings to you ...

Radios and press releases

La sagesse des Arbres - L'emtre-vue avec Lucile
00:00 / 44:52

Also appears on among others interviews


Other broadcasts on Radio club:

+ Meditation as a connection practice

+ The spiritual pilgrimage in Egypt

A few elders and mentors, honored to have learned from them


Normandi Ellis, The author of several books, including Awakening Osiris, and coauthor of Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt, she leads tours to Egypt with Shamanic Journeys


Loumitea, enseigne le chamanisme transculturel  à travers les Québec. Elle a fondé L’École de chamanisme transculturel du Québec avec des chercheurs et enseignants en chamanisme


Priestess of Ma’at - Sacred Witness - Ecopsychologist - Minister of Prayer - Healing Alchemist - Sacred Pilgrimage Guide - Ceremonialist - Entrepreneur - Teacher - Author - Artist - Mom


Nicki Scully has been a healer and teacher of shamanism and the Egyptian mysteries since 1978. Co-author of Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt and The Anubis Oracle. 

Elen Elenna.png

Elen Elenna is author of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book, and a shamanic, Elven Ascension guide bringing the Elven & Star Teachings of the New Dawn.


Hank Wesselman. Research paleoanthropologist and shamanic teacher, Hank Wesselman was one of those rare cutting edge scientists who truly walked between the worlds. 


Auset. Teacher of the Egyptian mysteries. Priestess of Isis and guide through the spiritual. Healing musician and photograph


Maggie de Combe is a certified polarity practitioner, craniosacral practitioner, healing path practitioner and therapeutic touch practitioner.​

Chris de Combe, is a graduate consultant in natural health specializing in energy techniques from the Institut des consultants en santé naturelle de Montréal.

Liddy Flewwelling.webp

Liddy Flewwelling, B.Sc., B.Ed., N.H.C. Healer and teacher for over 30 years. She works with energetic and shamanic healing, as well as herbal medicine with an emphasis on the spiritual power of plants. 

Tommy Priester.jpeg

Tommy Priester is a Clinical Herbalist, Wellness Counselor and founder of Bear Medicine Holistic Services & Heart Mind Integration Healing. Tommy's a Practicing Clinical Herbalist and Holistic counselor since 1998. 

Nicole Cloutier.jpeg

Nicole Cloutier, Access Bars, Hypnose, Régression, Fleurs de Bach, Coach de Vie. Auteur de Fleurs De Bach ; Je Suis Alchimie.

Paule Boucher.jpeg

Paule Boucher, auteur de plusieurs écrits sur les rêves et les synchronicités, l'amour karmique et plus. Elle est membre de International Association for Study of Dreams 

Some Books published by Ouassima Issrae

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