Through the words, sound and magic, I guide you through trips to help you find answers and practical support.

I recall your Cosmic and eternal origin, source of Life and Force to face earthly difficulties.

I help you connect with and celebrate your soul's exhilaration and joy through your body, work, and relationships.

By vibrating the Essence that you are:

You will become what you always dreamed of being

You will share your gifts

You will build a new reality

You will find your soul family ...

Open your heart, and awaken your golden crown ... Take the highest path ... Be true to your Essence and Your mandates ... Be Righteous, and find the strength of the sun that dwells within you ...

Follow the alchemy of Life and its seasons, connect to the flow of each season and pick what it brings to you ...

The multiplicity of my being:

Ouassima Issrae daughter, sister, eternal student, Master in Business Administration, entrepreneur, modern therapist, Shamanist, naturopath in the making, pro coach, author and editor, Guardian of the Temple of Truth, Priestess and guardian of the Temp le des Roses, Being a Star, Cosmic and Medium Ambassador, Grand Mère Plume Blanche ...


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