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Psychic Self-Defense, how to protect your energy and body?

More people are becoming aware that when they feel ill or in pain the cause is not always a problem with the physical body. Not everyone believes in the possibility of a Psychic attack, but people are becoming aware of the vast unseen realm of the human energy system. Just because you can not see the attack itself, you can see the effects of the attack on people’s health and know that something is happening to them. It is essential for people to be able to recognize when they are being attacked to avoid unnecessary suffering. To understand how a psychic attack works you need to understand how the human energy field works. Unfortunately, our school education system only focuses on the traditional 5 senses and the physical body. The realm of the spiritual body was left to the churches to explain and most of it relies on faith rather than a clear understanding of what reality is actually about. If you want to know what psychic defense is all about, we need to start by explaining how the human being is actually a complex energy system. Once you understand this it is easy to understand how it can be psychically attacked and defended against. Unfortunately, we only tend to see what we believe is true which can make it difficult to defend against certain threats. This is where an open mind can be very helpful.

Introduction to our energy structure

The most important thing to understand is that in reality we have a physical body and an energy body and they work together to allow us to have a learning experience on this earth plain. Any distortion on the operation of the energy body will have a corresponding impact on the physical body. When we experience psychic attacks, it is the energetic body that is being affected. Because we are actually made up of energy, all of our systems and organs have a unique frequency, and anything that affects that frequency can have a physical effect on our health. We all tend to have a weak area in our systems and it is this area that is often targeted for an attack. The object of an attack is to lower the frequency of the targeted area which allows negative things to get into the person’s energy field.

What is Psychic Defense?

Psychic Defense is the active protection of a person from negative energy being aimed at them with the intent to do harm. The first stage of psychic defense is to recognize that there is a threat to your health and to be able to recognize the symptoms when you are being attacked. Once you have identified the threat you are able to take actions to stop it from harming you. It is important to realize that it is not a battle. The objective is not to harm the attacker as they are already building up a karmic debit but it is to stop the attacker from harming you. If you respond by retaliating you are no better than they are and they lose the opportunity to grow from the experience. We are all stronger than we think we are and there are beings who we can call upon to help us. We all have spirit guides who will protect us if we ask. In some cases, we can call upon our ancestors or power animals to help us. We are never totally alone.

What is a Psychic Attack?

A psychic attack occurs when a person or being is directing negative energy at you with the intent to cause you harm. This negative energy can take many different forms depending upon what the attacker is trying to do. Fear is an effective tool of the attacker as it lowers your vibration and opens you up to attack as you give away your power to it.

Types of Psychic attacks

• Thoughtforms

• Weapons • Manipulation

• Vampire

Our thoughts are much more powerful than most people think and when you combine a negative thought about somebody with strong emotion, that thought can lodge in the persons energy body and can radiate that low vibration which can eventually manifest as an illness. This is why it is very important to be careful about what you are thinking as it can have an effect on other people. When a person sets out to actually harm someone the thought form created is often called a spell or curse as it has a powerful emotion behind it which is strengthened by ritual. If the attacker wants to target a particular organ or system they can form an energy version of a stake, knife or needles which they direct at the target organ. The result of this form of attack is pain. This form of attack is often directed against the heart giving the symptoms of a heart attack or against the lungs causing difficulty in breathing. Sometimes the attacker wants to manipulate the person and will send depressing thoughts or suggestions to the person. The target person often does not realize that the negative thoughts are not their own. This can cause a person to go into a depression and lower their vibration which opens them up to other attacks and manipulation.

The last form of attack is where the attacker is taking vitality from the victim. You often find this type of attack within families where one person is very needy and is always taking from the other family members. If you always feel drained and uncomfortable when you are near a particular person it is a sign that you need to separate yourself as much as you can and put-up protection.

Who is doing the attacking?

• People • Energetic Beings

• ETs

When the attacker is a person, it can be that the attacker is unaware of what they are doing and is just not being careful to avoid negative thoughts about you. When the person is aware what they are doing then the affect will vary depending upon the intent and psychic power of the individual.

For most people the attackers will be human, but it is good to be aware that there are other beings that could wish you harm. The majority of people on this planet live in what we call the 3rd Dimension. We talked earlier in the introduction to our energy structure that our energy body has a particular vibration and it is this vibrational frequency that determines what dimension you experience. Spiritual evolution is about increasing your vibrational frequency by cleansing yourself of negative energy and gradually moving up to higher dimensions. A number of people on earth are currently straddling the 3rd and 4th Dimension. There are some beings in the 4th Dimension which are invisible to people in the 3rd Dimension but who want to stop people from evolving. They try to lower the persons vibrational frequency by sending negative energy at them. As these beings are invisible in the 3rd Dimension and only have an energy body, they have the ability to hide in the energetic system of a person in the 3rd Dimension. These beings can take many different forms.

Just to complete the picture there are also extra-terrestrial beings, yes UFOs are real although they tend to be in a higher dimension, which most people do not come into contact with. There are good ETs which want to help us evolve spiritually and there are others who do not want us to succeed. The good ETS are often members of our spiritual guides but this is why we have to be careful to check that the guide we are working with is of God and not one of the negative ETs that is out to deceive us.

Psychic Self-Defense Tools

As Divine beings, we have more strength to defend ourselves than we may think. Our thoughts are very powerful and all we need is a good imagination to create the appropriate defense. We can create with our thoughts and a strong visualization can give the creation strength. A white or blue sphere of high-vibration light placed around yourself can deflect negative energy and stop it from penetrating your energy field. Remember you are a powerful being and you can overcome any fear you have around this situation.

Prayers or Maps of Intent are also very effective as they identify clearly what you want God to do. The more precise you are in what you want to achieve the more likely it is to manifest. Every morning when I wake up, I request the Creator to create a defensive sphere around me to protect me from negative entities, manipulations, transmissional frequencies that are harmful to me, and negative energy being directed against me. This sets me up for the day.

Tools like the pendulum are useful to confirm if you are being attacked and what the type of attack is. Tarot cards can also be used to gain information about what is happening. When a person has been working with their spirit guides for a while many of them can get direct warnings from them when negative energy is being directed against them. The same guides can be asked to provide help in stopping an attack. Remember the guides will not do anything unless they are asked. Have you asked your guides to provide you with early warning of an attack or to help defend you?

The bigger picture

We are Divine beings inhabiting a physical body that we are renting for this incarnation to attend the earth school. Part of the lessons we are here to learn is how to work with our energy body and learning how to take care of it is part of the bigger picture. Every time we look at a newspaper or listen to the news, we are reminded that there is a war going on between the light and the dark. Your role is to keep your vibrational frequency as high as you can and to be very careful that the choices you make are supportive of this goal.

Being able to defend yourself against the dark side is very important at this time. To find out more information we have two books that can help you. “Thriving in the New Vibration” provides a guide on how to prepare yourself to living at a higher vibration and has a section of dealing with negative attacks.

Our life's purpose is to evolve spiritually, and we do that by living life to the fullest, following our passion and learning from our experiences. This book gives a simple to understand explanation of what life is really about and how it works. Information is provided on energy healing and dealing with the root cause of illness with the aim of helping you remove negative influences, emotional trauma and self-limiting obstacles to your evolution. This information is particularly important at this time of great change and stress, and will help you to make sense of what is happening and how to cope with it. We need to understand that we are an energetic being that is living a physical existence and that understanding our energetic make up is critical to thrive in this new environment.

This book explains how our lifetime plan is implemented by our energy system and shows how to work with it to improve our well-being. It provides tools to deal with a psychic attack and tells you how to defend yourself. The information in this book has been channeled from a group of dedicated spiritual beings who want to aid the Spiritual awakening of the earth.

The second book is:” Psychic Self-Defense Kit” and is intended to provide the information for you to defend yourself. This book provides a lot of information on the types of psychic attacks and the source of these attacks and gives you the information to deal with them yourself without having to rely on other people. Both books are available through Amazon books and more information can be found on our websites. and

About the author of this article

Chris de Combe is a co author of both Thriving in the New Vibration and Psychic Self-Defense kit. He has considerable experience working with energy in both the 3rd Dimensional world and the 4th-dimensional world. Retired from his job as an engineering manager he now focuses his attention on working with the human energy field to help people evolve. Trained as a Natural Health Consultant he learnt about the Psychic world of energy and he practiced with the United Church healing pathway group to bring energetic healing to people who needed it. He studied shamanism in Peru and gained a better understanding of our relationship with the energetic world and the way to interact with it. Our books contain lessons learnt from experience with real-life energy attacks, witches, spells, and 4th Dimensional beings and can help people navigate these difficult experiences.

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